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Why you should join Online Quran Reciting ?

Quran is the Divine word and within it carries the secrets of both this world and the world hereafter. For a Muslim it is mandatory as well as a moral obligation to learn Quran so that he or she is able to understand the instructions of God and live life accordingly. One must take some time out of daily life to learn this Holy Book. At our School we cordially welcome you to initiate this noble deed and see it fulfilled in the best way possible with our "Live Quran Tutor" program. The program contains:

  • An introductory course regarding the principles involved in reading of Quran
  • Assistance in Quran recitation and translation
  • Lectures on the basic Ideology of Islam and the matters concerning daily life
  • Quran Memorization assistance

Our Services

Kids Online Quran Learning Program is an easy and useful way for children and new Muslim adults to start quran lesson at any pliable time when they want to learn quran with tajweed online along live tutor. Online Quran Reciting  presentation had been systematize since 2001 worldwide from Pakistan to assist Muslim kids who can’t have smooth quranic educational system to begin Skype quran classes with tajweed.

Individual Learning Sessions

At OnlineQuranReciting, each student is given special attention, according to their learning need, by assigning a professional Quran tutor to individual student.

Adjustable Timings

Classes are scheduled according to the convenience of students, so that Quran learning can easily be adjusted according to their daily Routine without any hassle.

Interactive Classes

Online Quran Reciting uses the latest software like video streaming, whiteboard, screen sharing and multi-way audio to make Quran learning experience interactive.

Female Quran Teachers

We have experienced Female Quran Tutors at our academy for sisters who are comfortable with learning from females only.

No Language Barrier has professional teachers who can communicate in Arabic, English and Urdu fluently, making sure that the communication and learning is effective.

Anywhere, Any Device

For your convenience, now you can Learn Quran anywhere, any time, on any device. Take your Quran class on PC, iPhone or any android device at the time of your convenience.

Register For Free Trial Classes

Why Choose US

We take responsibility for good results. We take you and your children step by step to the highest level to learn Quran reading with tajweed online. The comfort of home and your selected timings, supervision of parents and guidance of expert Quran Teachers makes online Quran learning a lot easier. Therefore you can rely on us.

  • One week free trial classes
  • Your desired timings & days
  • Fluent english speaking teachers
  • First month just at 10$
  • 100% guaranteed results
  • One to one quran reading classes

Quality Assurance

Eonline Quran is more concerned for quality education than anything else. We try our best to deliver quality classes by hiring educated, trained and Expert Quran Teachers. Most of the parents have no idea of how a good Quran Teacher or process of Online Quran Teaching should be. So, to ensure the utmost level of Online Quran Learning Classes we have the following procedures for Quality assurance:

Every member of is a graduate and Memorizer (Hafiz Quran) from a recognized institute & university with complete knowledge of Tajweed and best recitation.

Our Tajweed rules experts and quality assurance staff run test of every student every month to evaluate the status of Quran reading and the shortcomings if any. The generated report is then worked on by the teachers and improvement is monitored through this process.


Every month’s reports are compared with old ones and the level of improvement is measured in learning because E Online Quran is committed to assisting you in achieving your goals. With us the Quran Teachers know the responsibility of a Quran Teacher; they will fully support you to achieve your goals in sha ALLAH.

Being a Quran Teacher is a great distinction, special honor, and recognition. To convey the words of the Quran and its authority to the next generation was the responsibility of Sahaba. That’s why the Quran Teachers are very punctual, practical to be role models, and have profound knowledge.

Tutors have full command over the subjects they teach. These Quran Teachers are trained after hiring for teaching methods and handling of students with care before they start teaching Online Quran Courses.


ered with maximum efforts.

The classes are recorded with the permission of our students or their parents for the purpose of quality assurance and to be listened by the experts to make sure that classes were delivered with maximum efforts.


Online Quran Alfalh is an Online Quran
Tutor Academy, providing online Quranic Teachings for Muslim Umah.


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