Online Quran Reciting is a world's best Quran tutoring academy registered in Florida, USA. We provide one to one Quran learning classes with Tajweed, and understanding. Good thing is that you can try Quran teachers’ service and get to know their approach and staff without paying anything initially and continue if you are satisfied.

It is an excellent live tutoring program that enables kids and adult all over the world to recite Qur’an from home. Lesson times can be arranged to fit into busy family schedules. Top quality software like (Go to meeting) makes lesson very interactive.

Our Objective:

Our Objective is to provide individuals to learn the Islamic teachings online through established institutions. So, that the individual acquire high Islamic morals, leading them to aspire for paradise by pleasing Allah.

Our teachers:

Our teachers have experience of teaching the Holy Qur’an in English and Urdu speaking students. Our teachers work in full time base. Our expert tutors have extensive education and experience in teaching the Holy Qur'an while you are able to sit at home and benefit from it directly. Our tutors pay attention to the students need and the classes most beneficial. We are currently teaching in several countries including USA, Canada and UK. Our students rang from ages 4 to 70 years, Moreover Our teachers have:

  • Memorization of entire Holy Qur’an

  • Well aware of Tajweed rules

  • Islamic Degree

  • Have command on English and Urdu languages

  • Professional training from us.

Our Approach:

Our approach is focused and dynamic. We use a number of methods to provide you with an effective, fast and reliable Quran Reciting program. Our program approach focuses on the following:


Students learn at different speeds, some students require much greater support and/or time in completing tasks. Hence, our dedicated tutors accommodate their teaching styles according to the students learning.


Our well trained tutors use different Interactions to match different Purposes and Outcomes. Such as; informing, describing, explaining, demonstrating, listening and questioning.


Why you would go for Online Quran Reciting?

  • Online Quran Reciting helps in easy learning of Quran though professionals guiding you in an effective manner. 

  • You want your child to excel in this life and hereafter.  

  • You can't drive kids to the mosque.

  • You are looking for quality Quran recitation

  • You can't find an Expert at home.

  • You want to learn the Qur'an from Arabic Alphabets.

  • You want to do memorize the Holy Quran

  • You are not aware of the tajweed rules


Online Quran Reciting is non-partition organization; we are not part of any group, Islamic organization or mosques. We welcome all students interested in learning the Holy Qur’an. It's the perfect way for teaching Quran, religion & basic Islamic teachings.




It is very affordable and convenient. My daughter finished the Holy Qur’an and my son on 23 parah. My children are very happy with their teaching style. They motivate students very much. . God may help you carry on a good job.

Mahmood Khan, Birmingham, United Kingdom

I recommend every visitor of this web site to at least try one week free trial classes. It is useful for both kids and adult. My kids and I are currently taking classes. I am very thankful to OnlineQuranReciting.com.

Mehreen Khan, Toronto, Canada

My son who is six years old is on the ninth Parah and my daughter who is eight years old is on eleventh Parah. They are reading the Holy Qur’an according to rules of Tajweed. In a non Muslim country we had such a great opportunity it's not less than any blessings of Allah Almighty on us...

Ashraf Waseem, Franklin Lakes USA